International Workshop on Quantum Information
12 - 16 Aug 2013
General Information


The Workshop aims to convene some of the world's experts in quantum information to discuss the latest results in this and related fields. The main aim is to provide a relaxed setting, avoiding an excess of talks, in order to stimulate discussion and new ideas.

It will also present an ideal opportunity for students beginning in the field to broaden and deepen their knowledge, especially those who will have just attended the preceding School.

Finally, the Workshop is an official event of the National Science and Technology Institute for Quantum Information, the main Brazilian network of researchers in the field.

This is the fourth edition of this biennial event in Paraty. Click here for the 2011 edition. Click here for the 2009 edition. Click here for the 2007 edition.


  • Decoherence and Open Quantum Systems
  • Quantum information theory
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Quantum computation
  • Quantum simulations
  • Foundation of Quantum Mechanics
  • Physical implementations of quantum information processing (theory and experiment)


There will be two daily sessions of talks, in the morning and in the late afteroon. There will also be evening poster sessions, together with a reception.

All academic activities, including registration and receptions, will take place at the Casa de Cultura.

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